John is pleased to offer his 40 page photographic story of Wildlife in North America, Spirit of the Wild.

Please enjoy these marvelous creatures photographed in their natural habitat throughout North America. Everyone should take time to visit our beautiful forest, mountains and wilderness to view the very best nature has to offer.

Never forget to take your camera; you never know what you may find. These photographs were taken with the utmost love, affection and caring for our wilderness creatures for they are truly the “Spirit of the Wild.”

We must all recognize that only by an understanding of the interdependency of man and nature can we hope to preserve our natural heritage for the future. The North American wilderness with it’s marvelous mountains, forest, wetlands and desert provide us with history, beauty and a magnificent array of wildlife, many who are willing to share their living rooms with us.

Visit our wild creatures in my new 40 page book, Spirit of the Wild, North American Big Game Wildlife by John K. Finley.

Only $39.00