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13 Apr 2012

Great Ghost Towns of Montana

The State of Montana maintains a number of fine old western Ghost Towns.  They provide a marvelous day of adventure and excitement for both the traveler and photographer.  Johnfinleyphotographer.com has visited these sites and recommends them all. Bannock Ghost Town is one of the finest Ghost Towns in the American West, located 24 miles southwest of Dillon, Montana.  The town of Bannack was started in 1862 when, John White, a prospector, who found gold on the small but lovely Grasshopper […]

13 Apr 2012

Quaking Aspen Trees

When we travel in our beautiful Western states; a visit to any nearby stand of Aspen trees is a must.  The grand Aspens are always a favorite with photographers, hikers and travelers.  The Aspens are members of the Poplar family and can be found throughout North America but seem to thrive in great numbers in the West.  They seem to enjoy the great outdoors, are happy with a moist soil and can often be found near wetlands, streams and rivers. […]

13 Apr 2012

What is a Pika

By John Finley A Pika is a very cute, small mammal that lives usually in rock piles or rock slides in the western mountainous regions of North America. They have really large ears, whiskers, and round hamster-like body. They have a brownish gray fur. The Pika is an herbivore and is a member of the rabbit family. Their homes are normally in the 8000 to 12000 feet range. They will mate in late winter and give birth to several babies […]

13 Apr 2012

Dirt Roads of America

Song writer Todd Grischke said it best. “The dirt road ends now at the edge of the highway, but if you look hard you can see for years. It carried the loads and it carried the weight, it witnessed suffering that allowed us to stay.”

13 Apr 2012


Wooden fencing is primarily an American invention. Foreign travelers to early America where amazed that we wasted so much lumber building enclosures.