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13 Apr 2012

John Finley on the Camera

Camera and Lens Support When photographing at slow speeds or with a large lens, the wildlife photographer will need support for his camera to prevent the camera from shaking. A shaking camera will blur your image. We all want clear, precise composition. A tripod is almost always necessary. When picking a tripod do not short change yourself. Remember this one piece of equipment will be holding your very expensive camera and often your even more expensive lens. Therefore always purchase […]

13 Apr 2012

Why a Museum Canvas Giclee?

When one of my prints are printed on canvas, the resulting image is transformed to elegance, is eye-popping, impressive and truly a joy to behold. The printed canvas will be mounted on a wooden frame and the sides and top are wrapped around. While you may wish to fame it, the Canvas Wrap can hang alone. The museum quality giclee provides you with an image that a true art collector may own. The texture of the cotton canvas gives your […]

13 Apr 2012

What is Giclee?

From the French language, to print fine art, museum quality prints from a digital source utilizing ink-jet printing. It is often pronounced “ghee-clay” or “zhee-clay”. It is derived from the word, “le gicleur” meaning the nozzle. Giclee translates into fine art reproductions from the original. The use of modern equipment and the fascinating world of quality ink allow the printing to extend longevity and the fastness of those inks. These fade resistant inks give us fine archival images that will […]

13 Apr 2012

What is Limited Edition?

[tooltip title=”Limited Edition”] An edition of something such as a book, plate, etc., that is limited to a specified number [/tooltip] ┬áhas been used in the art world since the nineteenth century to provide quality of work and value to investment. The printing run is limited in number of prints or canvas wraps and then signed and numbered by the photographer. For example if the print number is 24/500, then the first number represents the print and the second number […]